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Bring your own wine


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Jazz night

Every Friday

Every Friday from 6:30 to 10:00 p.m. enjoy live jazz music. Complement your dining experience with the sounds of a different band every week.

Bring your wine

Bring your wine

You don’t know what wine to pick for dinner? Don’t worry and check out our taste tags on the menu for a dinner with harmonious wine and food pairings.

  • Aromatique et charnu
  • Aromatique et rond
  • Aromatique et souple
  • Délicat et léger
  • Fruité et doux
  • Fruité et extra-doux
  • Fruité et généreux
  • Fruité et léger
  • Fruité et vif
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Chic Breton Creperie

Meet this family of three master crepe makers who have in common their love for people and for bistronomy. Discover this cozy restaurant where senses come to life at every bite.

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Transform your private or corporate events into an amazing food experience.

Catering service


Whether you’re looking for a group reservation or a dinner for two, L’antre NOUS promises to be a unique and flavourful experience.

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